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  How to Cancel

A Quick Note On Refund Requests:

Because every subscription comes with a 30 day trial period...I am currently NOT offering a refund on this particular product. You DO have the option to cancel before your first thirty days is complete without any charge hitting your payment method.

In addition, you can cancel at ANY time during your membership with continued access to the remainder of the 30 days that you've paid for.

A Quick Note About Cancellation:

First, I sincerely hope you've enjoyed your time in the membership!! I would love to have you back ANY time!!! If you ever have any questions or concerns involving your account, please don't hesitate to send me an email at! I would love the opportunity to clear anything up before you decide to cancel.

I want you to feel as though you can come and go in the program as you please and without I will NOT be sending you a follow up email asking WHY you've left. I WOULD, however, love to know!! So, if you decide to move forward with your cancellation...I would love a quick email letting me know your reasons behind deciding to cancel! If you loved the program, but just can't justify the monthly payment or are simply waiting for a specific training...I would love to know as well as introduce you to the affiliate program.

If you did NOT enjoy your time in the program, I would love to know about that as well!

How to Cancel Your Membership:

Step 1: Log into your account and click your account name in the top right of your Teachable screen.

Step 2: Select "Manage Subscriptions".

Step 3: This will pull up a list of your memberships...including the Challenge Library. Simply click the "Cancel" button to end your subscription! You will receive an email from Teachable confirming your cancellation.