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  The 2017 Challenge Library Schedule

EVERY month I'll launch a brand new challenge inside of the Library!! You'll get access to downloads, videos, lessons and me! Below is the schedule for the next few months of challenges...but we have so many more months to go!!

If you want to see a particular topic in the Challenge Library, simply comment below...or send an email to!

PUBLISHED April 1st - "10 Days to Create $2,000 in Recurring Revenue" - Business is HARD when you don't know where your (or even IF) your income will be coming from!! In this 10 day Challenge, I'm going to walk you through creating a SIMPLE system in your business to generate an automatic and dependable income every month. Even better? You can do this with NO startup costs!!! WHAAAAAT?

May 1st - "Using Canva to Create an Expensive Brand" - I am SO excited for this month!!! This month, I'll be going over how I use Canva to create a brand on my blog, my website, inside of my courses and in my products!

June 1st - "7 Days to 7 of the Best Opt-Ins" - If you've been struggling to create those perfect's time to fix that!!! I'm going to show you how to create the perfect opt-in....from a planner to a video series. Every day will be dedicated to created to a new, highly converting opt-in!

July 1st - 7 Day "Plan With Me" - It's the middle of the what better time to get to planning!! In this 7 day "Plan with Me" e-course, we'll be planning your next week, month and quarter!! I'll show you how I plan everything from products to social media to newsletters!

August 1st - "The 5 Day Storyteller" - Wanna know the secret to getting reader interactions, increasing your sales, lowering your unsubscribe rate and finding fans? Become a story teller! In this e-course AND challenge, I'm going to go over exactly how to brainstorm, write and paint beautiful stories that resonate with your audience...and YOU are going to write content for your readers that will get them to take action.

September 1st - "10 Days of Purpose" - This topic MIGHT just be one of the most important you'll ever give your time and thought to. As small business owners, we scoff at the idea of someone going against what we teach...but often times, we have trouble actually TEACHING. So, in June we are dedicating 10 days to "Purpose". We'll be going over "Purpose in Your Actions", "Purpose in Your Products", "Social Purpose", "Purpose in Your Process" and tons more! Knowing your reasons behind what you do will move your business from the back of the pack...into first place where it belongs.