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  What to Expect

I know it sounds silly...but I am SOOOOO excited to write this section!!! I have so many ideas for the Challenge Library, and I need ALL of you on the excitement train!!

NEW CONTENT - On the FIRST of every month, I'll be launching a new challenge or e-course for the Challenge Library!! I'll send an email your way with details to get you excited on launch day...and give you lots of details and bonus lesson opportunities!

CHALLENGE EVENTS JUST FOR MEMBERS! - As we grow...I want to keep in contact with you ALL!! So, in a few months when everything gets into it's groove...I'm going to prepare to host a special live event just for you guys!! I will, of course email you with all of the details when the time comes!

A FUTURE FORUM - I desperately want to START and KEEP conversation going with you guys!! So, I'm working on a forum for you guys as we speak!! I'm not sure if it will be a Facebook community or a proper forum...but watch for THAT headed your way in the next few months!

FIRST DIBS ON DOWNLOADS! - Generally speaking these days, when I create a download...I'm creating it for YOU guys specifically!! In addition to downloads to go with lessons, you'll also be getting access to e-books and workbooks!! You'll see these appear on the main page of your school area as I add them.

I've created an area below for you to add comments, excitement and don't hesitate to use it!! OR you can email me directly at!

I can't wait to create with you!

Terra Dawn